Intellect.Fund is a unique investment vehicle of IntellectProject - we provide intellectual property creators and owners with capital funds required for covering development costs of their technologies or any other needs by redeeming 100% of the estimated value of the deposited intellectual property.

Funds are provided in ICU, a revolutionary cryptographic currency that serves the global intellectual property market.

We use randomly selected experts from the global crowd of professionals to obtain truly independent valuation and verification.

You keep full control over your property during the retention period and may reclaim it from the fund at any time.

No interest is taken over the whole deposit period, only asset value deterioration shall be reimbursed as the asset is aging.

You get 100% of the estimated property value immediately after finalizing the transaction

All currency and property transactions are registered in our public blockchain ledgers to prevent fraud and data loss

Materialize the value of your intellectual property today!

How it works?

Depositing your Intellectual Property at Intellect.Fund is very easy and requires only five steps:

Submit information about your intellectual property

Initiate valuation and verification by a randomly selected group of experts

Approve the transaction according to the offered valuation and terms

If your property is not registered - automatic registration is provided by Intellect.Property register

Get your money to your ICU wallet

Do you want to have a general idea about the cost of your intellectual property?

Browse the catalog of similar intellectual property offered for sale or licensing

Keep full control over your property in deposit

You can offer your property for sale or for licensing in our global Intellect.Market, hire one of our Intellect.Expert professionals to serve as your agent or just do nothing – you will keep full control over your intellectual property that is deposited with Intellect.Fund during the initial retention period.

You can also claim your property back at any time by repaying its deposited value. No interest or commission applies in this case!

When the initial retention period runs out, you may prolong it for unlimited time by simply compensating the depletion of its value to the Intellect.Fund


Keeping the balance of value

Intellect.Fund is the only legitimate issuer of Intellect Currency Unit (ICU) - the first asset-based cryptographic currency.
ICUs are issued in strict correlation to the value of assets deposited at Intellect.Fund

Serving the global IntellectProject community

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All assets that have passed its retention period and are not prolonged by their owners become the property of the community and Intellect.Fund manages them according to the interests of the community.

Intellect.Fund is designated to maintaining the value of Intellect Currency Unit. Therefore, all proceeds from the sale or licensing of unredeemed assets (minus commission) are used for repurchasing the ICUs in the open market.

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